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???  Need Help Finding a Super Tire ???

Do you need assistance to determine if a Super Tire is available for a particular application (car/model)?  Try our easy-to-use Super Tires Selector.  To get the most from the Super Tires Selector, we've also prepared a short tutorial.

Run With Super Tires® or Run Behind Us - The Choice is Yours!

Slot Car Corner™ is proud to be an authorized Super Tires® dealer - since 2006 we've sold thousands of Super Tires.  Super Tires® are very popular with 1/32 slot car racers - since their introduction over 10 years ago, they have become the standard by which all other 1/32 slot car tire's performance is compared.  While any tire manufacturer can claim their tires are the "best" or the "fastest", what counts is how the tires perform in actual races.  Look closely at our competitor's marketing write-ups and something is noticeably missing - there is no mention of real-world race results in formally organized race events.  Why?  Because top racers and car builders pick Super Tires® again and again when the rules for these events allow them to use any manufacturer's tire.  Competitors talk a good game but only Super Tires® can back up peformance claims with real-world race results!!

Slot Car Corner™ maintains a large onhand inventory of 1/32 Super Tires®!  As a result, 99%+ of all Super Tires® orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

Super Tires® are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit many popular cars.  New Super Tires® are being added to the product lineup on a regular basis.  Super Tires® offer outstanding grip on a wide variety of plastic and wood racing surfaces (the cleaner the surface, the better Classic Super Tires will grip).  Available in two compounds, for every kind of track surface: Classic (silicone) or Yellow Dog (urethane).