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*** Important ***

We are fabricating a limited number of drivers stations; however, we are not accepting orders via our website at this time.  Please contact us directly for pricing, lead times or to place an order.

Please keep the following points in mind when placing an order for driver's stations:

  • All driver's stations are built-to-order based on a standard configuration.
  • We do not maintain an inventory of pre-fabricated driver's stations.  All stations are hand fabricated one-at-a-time - they are NOT produced on an assembly line.
  • Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.  While we could probably cut some corners to increase our production, doing so would also increase the risk of quality-related problems.  This is a risk we are unwilling to take - high quality and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.
  • Lead times to fabricate driver's stations will vary depending on our current backlog.  In general, the more lead time you can give us, the better.  Please plan your track wiring project accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because driver's stations are custom fabricated, all sales are final.  If you are unsure about the features of our standard driver station configuration, please contact us before placing your order.

SCC Drivers Stations

You've decided to upgrade your track's power supply, install power taps to ensure even power distribution and invest in some better controllers.  That's a good start - but what about connections for those controllers?  Our Slot Car Corner Driver's Stations provide a complete set of features incorporated into a time-proven design.

  • Convenient Easy-to-Use Connections for Controllers - This is especially important if you host races or other racers bring their controllers when they stop by to run some laps with you.  All controller connections use standard color coding (black, white, red) to help ensure racer's connect controller wires properly each and every time.
  • Reliability - Only high-quality components and wire are used when fabricating the panels.  All components and wire are intentionally "over-engineered" to ensure the panels will stand up to years of racing with virtually no maintenance required.  All panels are thoroughly tested before they are shipped to you.
  • Circuit Protection - Each lane's wiring should include circuit protection to prevent damage to controllers, track wiring, the track and racers.  Unless requested otherwise, all driver's stations include auto-resetting circuit protection devices for the brake/red and power/white circuits.  Note:  Auto-resetting circuit protection devices should NOT be used with power supplies rated at less than 10 amps continuous output (order panels with a fuse instead).
  • Selectable Lane Direction - Our driver's stations provide a convenient way to reverse lane directions with the flip of a switch.  This allows you to run your layout in both directions!  No rewiring or flipping track sections is required.  Works with all types of controllers (resistor, electronic).  It's like having a second track!!
  • Straightforward Installation - Installing and wiring controller hookup panels shouldn't require an electrical engineering degree.  Panels are typically mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface in the driver's station area.  Each panel is pre-wired to a heavy duty terminal block and includes a wiring template.  All mounting hardware for the panel and terminal block is included.  Track wiring gets connected to the panel via the terminal block (following the wiring template) using easy-to-use spade or ring terminals.  Complete wiring kits designed to simplify wiring the controller hookup panels to your track wiring are also available here.
  • Aesthetics and Durability - You've sweated every detail designing and constructing your track - shouldn't your controller hookup panels reflect this same attention to detail?  Controller hookup panels add a professional looking touch to any layout and are sure to impress your fellow racers.  The panels are available in your choice of eight (8) popular colors which can be coordinated with your track's lane colors.  Panels are CNC machined from a durable colored plastic - NO PAINTING is necessary.

In addition to the features described above, service and support are also an important consideration in your purchasing decision.  Simply put, we take a great deal of pride in our driver's stations (and all other products/services we offer) and are committed to providing top-notch customer service and support.  Should you have any questions about your stations or require service, contact us and you'll receive prompt attention.

Still uncertain about adding a set of our driver's stations to your layout?  Please take a minute or two to read what some of our Customers have to say in the Testimonial section.

Colors available:  Black, purple, yellow, blue (shown), orange, green, white, and red.