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Tire and Wheel Charts

We now offer a wide variety of tires and wheels for your needs. The number of options is so great that we needed some kind of reference material ourselves (!) to keep track of everything. That's why we keep two Reference Charts updated with our latest products and a Tire Selector, a tool which will help you find the Quick Slicks or Paul Gage Tires that are compatible with the car or the wheels you want to use.

Tire Selectors
Quick Slicks Tire Selector    Paul Gage Tire Selector

With just three or four menu selections, you will be able to find out which tires are compatible with a car or a wheel you want to use. If you don't find the car/wheel you're looking for, it's because we couldn't test it or there are no compatible Quick Slicks or Paul Gage Tires for it. Drop us a note and we'll try to help you.

Fitment Chart
Quick Slicks

For each Quick Slicks tire we offer, you will get the outer diameter and the width (mm and inches) and the cars/wheels they are compatible with (please note that the list is not exhaustive, given the number of cars/wheels available on the market). Since it's in searchable PDF format, searching for what you're looking for is easy.

C.B. Design Wheel-Tire Chart

With now over 60 differents models of C.B. Design Wheels in our inventory, it became necessary to create a reference chart showing all available models including different sizes and colors. We also added the most popular tires (Quick Slicks, Paul Gage, Slot.It, etc.) that are compatible with each wheel.  Many racers print the Wheel-Tire Chart to have readily available as a handy reference.

C.B. Design Wheel Size Chart

This reference provides detail dimensions for each C.B. Design Wheel.