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Description SICW20 Porsche 962 85 Rothman's #17.


The Porsche 962 is a sport-prototype racing car which was designed to replace the all-conquering Porsche 956, in order to comply with the updated Americans IMSA and WSC Group C rules which mandated a different positioning of the driver's feet.

The Porsche 962's body and aerodynamics were routinely modified by various private teams during the racing season. For this reason, Porsche 962 came often with modified nose and tail, as well as with custom wheel arches, air intakes and wings.
Almost all private Porsche 956 were converted to 962 specification between 1985 and early 1986. The '962C' appeared for the first time at Le Mans in 1985.
The engine was a liquid cooled, 6 cylinders boxer unit, with two turbos, 4 valves per cylinder and double overhead camshaft.

During the 24h Le Mans in 1987, within one hour Porsche had lost four cars, including Jochen Mass's works car and both Team Joests's, due to piston failure. Stuttgart official team's only hope was placed on car n. 17 driven by Stuck, Bell, and Holbert, the winners of the 1986 edition. In the end, the Porsche 962 prevailed after a fierce battle with the Jaguar XJR-8s.

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