"Like most slot car enthusiasts, I started out with a slot set and then expanded. By the time my layout was complete, I had 4 lanes of 65' and a 6'x18' table. Needless to say the stock power bases were inadequate to provide the constant power we needed for good racing. A variable power supply was the answer. Now the problem. How do I integrate the power supply with the necessary power taps needed for constant and smooth operation. I read about Steve Sawtelle's power taps and driver stations and they looked easy enough to make. I am good at wiring 110V stuff but low voltage electronics is not my bag. I finally called him and asked if his products were available pre assembled. They were and for a very reasonable price I was up and running. The driver stations and power taps were superbly made and work great. I would not have made them as nice myself and besides, I can spend my time racing instead!"

Bob Bianchi (aka "rbianchi")


"I’m not one for writing to companies in praise of their services or products. It’s been my long belief that companies should take pride is what they produce or services they provide. I have to honestly say, you go above and beyond when it comes to meeting and exceeding, my expectations. Your customer service and high quality products have greatly enhanced the enjoyment of my layout.

Your controller hookup panels, power taps, wiring kits, and excellent customer service are just impressive and saved me many trips to the hardware store. The quality and design of your products, and support, are bargains when I consider how much time I have saved. I now have a very professional looking track that works perfectly and consistently.

I can’t thank you enough for your products and support. My son and I are having a blast!!"

Matt Foskett (aka "digrumblers")


"The panels are installed and worked perfectly the first time! The instructions and templates made installation very easy. Thanks very much for your excellent products and help."

David Palmeter


"I also want to put in a good word for Steve Sawtelle of Area 51 fame. His controller panels are top-notch! They really are amazing for the price. I ordered one, thinking I could get by with my old panels, but I might have to buy two more of Steve's panels."

Steve Berry (aka "PastimeRaceway")


"The track is running great. In both directions as well. If there is a low voltage spot, I can't find it with a car or a multi-meter! Your directions were flawless. It took a while to adjust the schematics to my particular layout but once the I had all the power taps equally spaced, it began to gel. I need to take some pics of the wiring. Personally, I think it is at least as clean as the top. Never again will I wire a track without applying your methodologies. I might have been able to do it without you but it would not have been nearly as nice."

Johnny R. Roberts (aka "jrrobertsjr")


"..the track layout went like a dream, especially the wiring. Yesterday was opening day and I had sooooo many people tell me how fast and smooth my track was... I can't thank you enough for the amazing job and the help you have given me and hope to one day shake your hand for it. You offer a service and a product that is 1st rate and top notch all the way. Everything from your own personal service to the packaging of the goods. You have made my dream come true and gave me a "smooth as glass" track."

Brian Weston (aka "HotSlots")

Hot Slots Raceway


"I want to thank you for helping me with my track. There is no way I would have known where to begin without you. The power is smooth and even. I've taken power readings with a multimeter from different lanes and points on the track. I can't find a variance of power anywhere. It really shows when your cars are the farthest point from the power supply. And if I ever have a problem, I will be able to trace it quickly with the wiring diagram and labels you provided for me."

"The control hookups are first class. It's great that you gave me the option to run the cars in both directions with a flip of a switch. Where I am pleased the most is how I was treated before and after the sale. I know we must have talked by email and phone a dozen times. You always answered my question no matter how trivial. My son, buddies and I are looking forward to having side by side action on the track. I know that if one of them beats me it won't be because one lane had more power than another."

"Thank you for giving your time and talents to helping Dad race his little cars."

George Bagley (aka "southernsloter")


"The panels arrived Thursday. I spent Friday hooking them up and the track and power supply as well. Everything works great! Your wiring guide was invaluable; I followed it to the letter and haven't had any problems. The kids and I played all weekend. Thank you for the panels and the guide. It made a daunting task much easier."

Richard Resue


"I just opened up my new drivers stations that Steve down at SlotCarCorner made for me. You may know Steve as the owner of the incredible Area 51 Raceway in Connecticut, but he is also quite the handyman when it comes to accessories for your track.

I sent him a crude drawing of what I was looking for in a drivers station and we talked about the best way to accomplish those things. The end result is just great.

The panels and electrical parts are very heavy duty and the workmanship is first class. I'll NEVER need to upgrade these. I imagine they will outlast me."

Kevin Schofield (aka "turbokev")


"I just went with wiring the track properly using Steve Sawtelle's driver stations and wiring. Can't recommend his stuff enough..."

Eric Tirion (aka "RECKLESSRACER")


"I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is wiring their layout to check with Steve at Slot Car Corner. His wiring templates and products are top notch. The wiring templates were easy to understand and made the wiring a very straight forward and clear process. His driver station panels are also "swe-eet"!"

Bob Methe (aka "mether05")


"Let me tell you something many of you may already know, these stations are absolutely awesome. OMG! There is no way I could have duplicated these. The craftsmanship is first rate all the way. Steve did a super job here."

Terry Noe (aka "Terry Noe")


 "Hi Steve, I want to thank you on all your help regarding my track wiring project. Your product has worked perfectly from day one."

Phil Williams

Slot Car Magic


"As you know, I approached this project with some apprehension. It is over 110' of track in four lanes and a total of 20 power taps. Once I got the table assembled and the track set up on it, I referred to your wiring guide and did the tape registers for each power tap, then proceeded to drill the holes for the wires. Once that was done, it was only a matter of attaching the terminal blocks and following your directions. The templates are an ingenious and fool-proof way to get the wiring job done, and labeling all the wires with the provided wire labels is also invaluable--and an absolute requirement! Everything you did for this project was so conscientious and thoughtful--from the initial packaging of the power taps and controller stations, to the enclosed instructions and the thoughtful touch of including the heavy duty terminals and wire harnesses. The track is a delight and everyone who has seen it is in awe. Smooth power all the way around - it's just fantastic!! I'll send pics soon as I can."

Wallace Rowan


 "Just wanted to let you know that I received the panels and installed them this problems. They look and work great. You do great work. Thanks again."

Scott Kardatzke


 "I received all of the goods on Wednesday in perfect order. I began wiring the track at 7:30PM and was finished at 9:30PM. I thought this was quick! Especially for me who has never undertaken such a project. What really helped was all of your wiring diagrams and your article on track wiring. I read the article twice before beginning the wire taps.

I wired Lane 1 first and tested a car after each terminal block and wire tap was installed. I placed your labels under the blocks which made the job almost way too easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything you put in the packages, even down to the labels made this process easy as well as enjoyable! Really, it was pure joy to wire this thing and have it work. I knew I could call with any questions, however, if one takes the time to study your articles, not read, I mean STUDY like I did, this project is a breeze.

I cannot say enough good things about your products, package, forethought, and genuine concern and love for this hobby."

Dr. Lawrence H. Possien, DVM


"STATIONS LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Better than i had hoped and the wiring is as easy as could be. Thanks again for a grade A+ product. Will definitely recommend your work to anyone."

Jeffrey Queen


"Installed these new controller stations with XLR quick connect and individual track call buttons. They were made by Steve at SlotcarCorner. They are superbly made, came pre-wired, and once you've used these quick connections, you'll never want to use the alligator clips again. Thanks Steve."

Rick DiNizo (aka "rjdrjd")


 "I love your panels and can't beat the prices anywhere. The wiring templates help prevent mistakes when you're lying on your back trying to keep the the cables straight! Your articles are so detailed, anyone can follow them. Deer Meadow Race Park would not be the same without your stuff!"

Marc Gosselin (aka "amiatanut")


"We recently completed a 65-foot-per-lap 4-lane Scalextric layout for my hobby shop in Clinton, Connecticut. It was obvious that a wall-wart wasn't going to fill our needs, so I called my friend Steve Sawtelle, of SlotCarCorner. Not only did he make up everything we needed in the way of drivers' stations (3-lug, XLR port, and variable-braking pot), power taps, and interfaces to the TrakMate board and Pyramid power supply, but he also came down and laid on his back under the table, and with help from a few friends, wired the whole thing up. It pretty much goes without saying that the thing worked first time and all the time. His design and workmanship are first-rate, and equally important, his "identified terminal block" method of simplifying the wiring results in a system that even someone as electrically inept as I am can troubleshoot and isolate a problem -- something I doubt I'll ever have to do. All this at a price so reasonable, you'd be crazy to do it yourself."

Bart Brown (aka "bartbrn")

Wings N' Wheels Hobbies


"The wiring... ok, I am completely useless with wiring. Thank god for Steve Sawtelle ( ). I used his wiring kit and drivers stations. I cannot begin to describe how easy this was with his stuff. Top quality and just simply perfect. I could not have gone beyond the Artin power track without his help and kit."

Sean Cameron (aka "Anti-Cop")


"Steve Sawtelle of Slot Car Corner excels in his passion for slot car racing as well as his expertise in the design and build out of custom electronics for your track. His products are high quality and durable. He pays attention to the important details that make installation of controllers, power taps, relays, and all things wiring very user friendly. The value of his service and support alone is money well spent. He made excellent recommendations and helped us customize our shop, Speed Alley Racing. He delivers his product when he says and it is organized and packaged with care. His website is full of detailed how-to information and he is always willing to be available to walk you through your project. Incredible service and product! Steve has a repeat customer with Speed Alley Racing! Thanks, Steve!"

Tom Elbrecht, Director of Operations

Speed Alley Racing


"The panels, new power supply, XLR connectors, and adjustable brakes are all installed and working fine. All of the components that I purchased from Slot Car Corner were first rate in terms of design, product quality and documentation. You run a first class operation!"

Per Hellsund


"I just wanted to say Thank You again. Steve you have a very good product. You stayed with me until the end of my project. You helped a rookie out in a big way. My track runs so smooth now. I have no power loss at all. I noticed a big difference. I just want every one to know. Steve has a great product and he stands behind what he sells. He will always have me as a customer. His knowledge and understanding is one of a kind. If you ever need a reference you can refer them to me. Great product and outstanding service. (Which these days goes a long way). Thanks again."

Karl Knipper (aka "Karlk455")


"Everything looks really great, even better than I had expected! No other way to say it - the panels look totally awesome! And the templates to go under the terminal blocks - brilliant! Really nice! You've really made this easy."

Curtis Odle


"I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Steve Sawtelle from Slot Car Corner for his products, knowledge and support during the wiring phase of my 4 lane HO scale track. The wiring of the track has actually been the easiest part of constructing my track which I had thought was going to be the most intimidating part.

The products from SCC are top of the line, easy to install and come with some of the best personalized customer service that I ever received from ANY company. Steve was with me from start to finish and once I began and followed his instructions the wiring came together easily and worry-free from beginning to end.

I am very happy I didn't go any other route because I still cannot believe how easy it was for someone like myself who is not a craftsman.

Thanks for everything Steve. Your expertise, attention to detail, your hard work and dedication to this hobby are unmatched!"

Jeff Lambert (aka "jcl6543")


"All is working great! I can't thank you enough for your advice on my project from start to finish. Without your help I would have been at this for weeks - maybe even longer! As it was, from start to finish I converted my 62 ft scaley 4 lane from walwarts with no timing to a complete after market powered system with well designed power taps, reverse direction driver's stations and complete integrated Trakmate system in less than 3 days (I received your package Friday pm and as of 9:30pm Monday night everything is working flawlessly!!!"

Steve Arends (aka "sarends")


"After building and wiring twelve tracks over twenty years, I thought that there has to be an easier way of wiring and making controller hookups. Although I have done them many times before, they are just SO time consuming and frustrating to do. Then I found Slot Car Corner. My eye was immediately drawn to the quality and detail of the product produced. As time is my biggest enemy - what I wanted was all there - something ready to pretty much 'drop in' and go.

So, I bought four panels and a wiring kit and sat back. Expecting (as you do) to hear not much more and wait for the kit to show up. Well, was I surprised. I was almost immediately contacted to confirm the order, was advised of a completion date and was quizzed to ensure what I ordered is what I expected. Not only that, but almost weekly I was again emailed with an update on my project completion. In the meantime, I was emailed very precise templates so I could build the installation stations beforehand. THEN, I moved the goalposts and asked to alter my order to include reverse switches for the TrackMate deadstrip hookup. Not only was this no problem, it was professionally handled AND another template came my way via email. Want pictures of how a dead-strip hook up goes? No problem - emailed to me as well. What about how much and what gage wire to buy in the meantime? No problems - track plan and wiring estimate emailed again.

When goods were ready for dispatch, I was contacted, quoted accurately for shipping (no mark up in shipping price at all) and goods sent. I was given a tracking number and like a father watching over a child, was regularly contacted to be given an update of where my goods were - unreal! Package arrived within the week (from the US to Australia) and everything was carefully wrapped and labeled in individual zip locked bags. WOW, I thought ! Even my Wife commented on what a neat and tidy setup (and she HATES slot car stuff...). So, my twelve year old son and I hooked the whole lot up - it was so simple. So, how was the overall experience? Words just cannot express the satisfaction I have had from this deal. I run FOUR businesses here in Australia and this guy puts my customer service skills to shame. Anyone every wants a recommendation - just email me - or pictures of my install - no problems at all."

Steve Rolfe

Narrandera NSW Australia 26/9/2007


"Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived today. I'm amazed it got here so fast. I thought I was going to get a break, but I guess not. Thanks for the great service.

I've now have both lanes hardwired to just one of the six power taps...enough to do some serious testing. Both driver's stations work great. I really love the variable brakes and the direction switches. The wiring has gone smoothly with much less time spent on my back and knees thanks to your wiring kit. I can't believe how fast this is going.

By the way, I used your plans to build my tables (six of them) and really like them. I decided to use 1/2" plywood tops just screwed to the frames but they hold my 235# without a problem. I found the plans clear and easy to follow. The pictures really helped.

Thanks for your great products, help and support."

Peter Bergman


"Received my 3 new hook up panels yesterday. First, I was surprised to be getting them so much faster than I expected. Secondly, and more importantly, with over 20 years working in and around the PCB & cable assembly biz, I must say I was very impressed with the quality! You obviously take pride in your work... a much too rare thing these days. I will definitely be back for more when the other new track is finished!

Thanks and keep up the good work!"

Dave Zortman


"The hook ups, controllers & driver stations are working great! It has helped with my daughter's enjoyment since I can reduce the voltage to the track."

Roger Stewart (aka "bamarambler")


"Have everything wired up and working great. The terminal strip placards made wiring a snap. Truly a nice package and the controller panels are awsome too. Thanks again so much for your help."

Matt Biederman


"I finished wiring the 4 power taps and all the other wiring tonight and everything works great! I love the ability to race in the opposite direction at the flip of a switch! Your product is very well made and the craftsmanship is top-notch. You wiring diagrams worked like a charm. Thanks again and you'll be hearing from me for all my future slot car needs."

Mike Hall


"A few weeks ago I ordered some control panels and a wiring kit for my new track. Everything is going fine and I expect to have it up and running soon. I'm writing because I just had to tell you what outstanding products you make. The panels are beautifully crafted but the topper is really the wiring kit. Without exaggeration, it is one of the most intelligently designed and well presented products I've seen. Well done indeed!"

Sherman Collings


"The track wiring is complete. Everything is up and running. Thanks not only for the FANTASTIC products, but also the AWESOME service. I could not have done without you! Thank you very, very, much."

Glen Zazove (aka "borninthe50s")


"I just had to take a minute to put out a huge THANK YOU to Steve Sawtelle at Slot Car Corner. I just finished wiring my 10 X 4 table in my garage, and am loving every minute of it. Thanks to Steve for all his help throughout the process and for providing an amazingly simple to install system.

Now you may ask-- why would I bother wiring such a small layout, and I questioned it at first too. But the option to have the XLR jacks on the drivers' stations so my son and I can run our same Professor Motor controllers we use at our local commercial track was a big consideration. As well, the option to dial down the voltage-- very important, perhaps more so on a smaller track when running fast Slot.its, etc., as well as having the kids enjoy the track too. And one of the coolest things for me was the switch on the drivers' stations to instantly reverse the direction. This makes a smaller layout even more fun because it really changes when you run the other way. Not to make more of it than it is, but it's a little like having 2 tracks-- things really run different (on my design anyway) when you run the other way.

But mostly I am in awe of how easy it was to do. I am the classic know-nothing when it comes to any such task. I simply have not done such things in my life. I had never soldered or so much as stripped a piece if wire. So when I finished that first lane and dropped the car on the rack and it ran the first time perfectly--- I was just blown away. Super stoked, and kind of proud even. It has given me an added affection for this track and the hobby in general that is really cool. And Steve was there at any time I had a question or just wanted to confirm something. His advice and expertise, as well as the sheer simplicity of his system design was priceless, and I really appreciate it.

So if you are considering taking your track to a higher level, and want a super-easy, practically fool-proof system that anyone can install (especially if I could), I highly recommend Slot Car Corner and Steve Sawtelle. My track is so much more enjoyable with all the added features of his system.

Now I feel like some kind of expert on wiring a track! So if you have any questions about the Slot Car Corner system, I can probably help."

Jeff Senske (aka "jsensk")


I just have to say "Thank You" on SCI to SCC for their products, their desire to make this hobby the easiest way to upgrade cars, and for taking the individual time as you have so many times as you have just for me (and I know of others) to make thigns right and to give us the right information and caring to go the extra distance as you do to ensure our happiness with ALL of your products that you carry.

Lindsey Angell (aka "lindseyangell")


"I cannot speak highly enough about the quality and service provided by SCC."

Kevin Fleming (aka "astrigo3")


"What I did and will recommend to you highly, is go to Slot Car Corner and get a couple of their controller hookup panels. They ROCK! Super engineering and straight forward setup. My panel has a 1/4" plug that uses an adapter to plug in the Scaley controllers, and I use an XLR plug to hook up all the rest. The panels also have a direction control switch and a call button. Simple, robust, and no way I could make something like that in the time life gives me right now."

Paul Howard (aka "TransIssues")


"Over the past few days I have received several orders containing both kinds of braids, t-shirt(nice btw), and last but not least, my set up block. I enjoyed talking with both of your guys about controllers, braids, drivers stations, and track wiring. It is very obvious to me the extent of knowledge these guys have about slot cars.  Ordering couldn't have been any easier and when i got everything I could see that great care went into making sure all my items were well packed, boxed, & taped to make the trip safe and sound.  Yes, I am looking forward to doing business with the SCC guys again in the very near future."

Joe Allison (aka "jallis")


" will not get anything but  place service from those guys. By far the best service i've had from any buisness and not only slot cars..."

Rusty Shortland (aka "shortland17")


"I just bought a roll of braid , 2 sided tape and their bit for routing the gains from SCC. I followed the instructions on their web site and the whole project went like butter on warm toast. It was an easy project to do and the results are fantastic. I'll never go back to copper foil again. Thanks to Steve and Dickie."

Mike Aplet (aka "Nor Cal Mike")


"You just can't go wrong with SCC. They helped me a ton with my new track, braid , router bit, panels and answered any question I had. They have a customer for life!!"

Jason Skow (aka "alaskaracer")


"I ordered some items from Slot Car Corner this weekend and they arrived yesterday.

Let me first say that I have shopped with them a couple of times and each time I get a little goody in my box. You see its not the big things in life that matters. I also ordered the LMP wheels and was thinking "What tires fit this wheel". Well as I was looking at the bag they came in I noticed on the label the Super tires and Slot it tires that fit the wheel.

I have been in customer service my whole career (no wonder I have lost most of my hair) and found that it is those little touches that make a huge difference.

Paul Pearlman (aka "ppearlman95")


" an occassional buyer from Slotcarcorner I just wanted to add my 5c here.

Excellent product range.

Excellent, value added, advice.
Excellent fast service.

From my point of view Steve and his team set the benchmark in aftermarket service and support."

John Macpherson (aka "slotmadmac")


"Not only are the controller holders freaking excellent, the silicone wire you sell is the cat's meow!  I just re-wired the new Mongram wire I have EVER used.  Holy cow is that stuff supple!"

David Reinecke (aka "dreinecke")


"I just wanted to say thanks for the equipment and support the track is up and running now.  Everything worked fine the first time.  Your instructions and diagrams make it idiot-proof."

Rick Gondeck


"Steve, I have everything hooked up and it is working GREAT! VERY, VERY fast track. You could not have made things easier - very straightforward instructions & the templates are very well done. Your expertise & experience really shows in the quality of your plans. I appreciate all of your help - wired step by step as you recommended."

Greg Bridenstine


"My track is up and running !!! Really it is!  Thanks for your expert advice and patience.  The info through your website and those items included with my purchase made it all possible!"

Robert Zak



"I received the aluminum controller brackets and the XLR connections. They are very well made and will install them today.  The track is up and running (5.5X14 foot table ),with a three banked curved road racing setup.  I was quite intimidated at first when the control stations ,four taps, etc. arrived. I studied the wiring guide for three days! I made a gurney so  that I could roll around under the table and was quite comfortable!  Then step by step, it all came together with no issues.  Your time spent with the development of the guide and offering it for free is truly appreciated.  My grandkids love the lollipops!   Everything has already been said in previous testimonials so additional comments are redundant. Thanks also for the personal call when you noticed I was having problems with the guide download. many attempts due to my printer jamming.!"


John Coryea