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500 Ft. Roll



A Slot Car Corner exclusive - we've just made braiding a slot car track even easier!!  We now offer 500 foot spools of our high-quality 1/4" wide tinned copper braid (non-magnetic) pre-taped.  We start by removing any residue leftover from the braid manufacturing process - this ensures the best possible adhesion when the tape is applied.  Next we carefully apply almost 3 rolls of the special 2-sided tape we offer to each 500' spool of braid.  Our pre-taped braid is a real timesaver - depending on your track configuration, this can save you several hours of work (the more corners in your layout, the more time pre-taped braid will save you).  Using our pre-taped braid, once you have routed and painted your gains, you are ready to start braiding!!


We use only high-quality, 1/4" wide tinned copper braid (non-magnetic) that is roughly .030" thick.  This braid provides excellent electrical connectivity with very high "ampacity" (safe current carrying capacity).  In contrast, copper tape is less expensive; however, it has several drawbacks including limited ampacity, breakage, wear, lifting, and electrical connectivity issues).  The pre-tape braid we offer is fully compatible with other track braiding products we offer including special router bits, braid termination kits and braid rollers.  Our pre-taped braid is spooled on high-quality, heavy duty plastic spools which provide excellent protection during shipment and handling.


Note #1:

Most rolls of pre-taped braid are one continuous length (piece) of braid; however, it is possible to have rolls with 2 pieces.  Therefore, when installing braid, please note the following:

  • If you plan to install the braid directly from the spool, you may reach the end of a length of braid before reaching the end of the current section of track you are braiding.  Should this happen, simply drill a 1/4" hole in the gain so there will still be at least 10-12" of the current piece of braid to "drop" through the hole.  Insert the first 10-12" of braid from the next piece of braid into the hole and continue braiding.  The ends of the two pieces of braid that were "dropped" under the table can be connected using an electrical wire nut.
  • If you want to ensure you have enough braid for the next section of track you will be braiding, you will need to measure how much braid is required (don't forget to leave 10-12" on both ends for your "drops").  Once you have determined the length of braid required, measure and cut a piece of braid from the spool.
  • In general, if you are braiding long segments of track (30+'), the first method described above (working directly from the spool) is easier to use.  If you are planning to braid shorter lengths of track (or the track is broken up into individual sections which will be braided individually), either method can be used.  If you don't want additional "drops" within a given segment, use the second method.


Note #2:

Installation tips:

  • Once the tape backing is removed, avoid touching it with your fingers!!  The tape will stick to your fingers (or anything else it might come in contact with) which will cause it to stretch and/or pull away from the braid.  If this happens, you will need to remove the damaged tape and splice in a new length of tape (refer to instructions later in this note).
  • We STRONGLY recommend using 2 people when installing the pre-taped braid.  One person installs the braid while the second person peels the paper backing from the tape and "feeds" the first person braid.  As the second person feeds braid, keep it elevated - this will prevent the exposed tape from making premature contact with the gain (or track surface) until the first person is ready to position it and press it into place.
  • Once the braid is placed in the gain, do NOT lift it back up to reposition it unless absolutely necessary.  Doing so may cause the braid and tape to separate and/or stretch (i.e. some of the tape may remain attached to the gain).  If this happens, don't panic - repairing (splicing) it is easy.  Use a pair of sharp scissors to cutout any tape that has separated and/or stretched.  Using the remainder of the third roll of tape included with your order, cut a piece of fresh tape about 2 inches longer than the section of tape you just removed.  Carefully place the tape in the gain so roughly 1 inch will overlap the "gap" where the tape was removed from the braid.  Once pressed in the gain, remove the tape backing to expose the "upper" side of the tape.  Slowly work the braid in place over the section of tape.  Continue installing the braid as you normally would.

*** Shipping Charges - Please Read ***

Because a roll (500') of 1/4" pre-taped braid weighs about 8 pounds, the most economical shipping method is U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail Flat Rate.  Unfortunately, our online shopping cart does not recognize USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Service when calculating shipping charges so shipping charges for braid will almost always be overstated.  To work around this, please place your order and we will refund the overpayment of shipping charges to your Paypal or credit card account.

Approximate shipping costs for track braid are as follows:

*** Note:  Shipping costs shown as of August 2018 - subject to change whenever USPS adjusts rates.


  • One (1) roll of pre-taped braid - $14.00 USD
  • Two (2) rolls of pre-taped braid - $19.00 USD
  • 3+ rolls - use additional increments of above rates



  • One (1) roll of pre-taped braid - $78.00 USD
  • Two (2) rolls of pre-taped braid - $99.00 USD
  • 3+ rolls - use additional increments of above rates



  1. How thick is this braid?  Answer: The manufacturer's specification data for this braid indicates the thickness is .030"; however, actual thickness is typically between .024" - .026".
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