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Quick Slicks offers a selection of silicone racing tires for Thunder Slot wheels.  Quick Slicks have an impressive record in real world racing events and are used by a wide range of slot car racers from casual basement racers to national and world champions.  Quick Slicks are available in several high-performance silicone compounds for different combinations of track configuration, track surface, track power level, car/motor type, chassis setup, driving style and race strategy.  Unlike our competitors' who only offer a single compound, multiple Quick Slicks compounds provide more tuning options to let YOU decide which compound best meets your requirements.

Quick Slicks are designed as slip-on replacement tires - gluing and truing is NOT required.  However, more serious racers will often glue/true their tires to improve tire performance and overall handling.  

Not Sure Which Quick Slicks You Need?

We've made finding the right Quick Slicks easy - just click on our exclusive online Quick Slicks Tire Selector.  Or if you prefer a hardcopy reference, download our Quick Slicks Fitment Summary.


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